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  • Flowers have the best vase life if cut in the morning and not during the heat of the day.

  • We will have pruners but if you have your favorite pair go ahead and bring them.

  • We offer 2 size buckets for you to choose and Yes, you can take the buckets home with you.

    -Small bucket $25.00 (think small Dollar Store waste basket) This size will hold around 20-30 stems depending on what variety of flowers you pick. This size is great for a centerpiece arrangement for your kitchen table or to take to a friend.

    -Medium bucket $65.00 (think 3 gallon bucket) This size will hold around 40-70 stems depending on what variety of flowers you pick. You will get about 4-5 quart mason jar bouquets from this size bucket.

  • Water for your buckets will be provided.

  • Think of how you will transport your buckets home? Ingles milk boxes are great! Flowers like Air Condition, but don’t like open air/wind in their hair (haha), so no riding in the back of your truck please :)

  • Wear proper shoes/sandals. Flip flops and heels are not a good idea.

  • A Porta-potty is available with an outside sink for washing hands.


  • N0 DOG PLEASE! We have our own friendly dogs as well as cows, goats and chickens. If you have a service dog just tell us and we will put our dogs up.

  • BE RESPECTFUL OF OUR PROPERTY. This is our home so please be respectful of our property. Please do not leave trash or cigarette butts ( we actually prefer no smoking) in our field. Keep your children close and please do not let them destroy the flowers. We have electric fences to keep the goats and cows out of our flowers so make sure your kiddos know that the fences will shock them.

  • BEE/WASP STING REACTIONS- We have a lot of bees and pollinators and we also have Honey Bee Hives on the property. I have never been stung in the field while picking flowers, but it can happen.


Our property has a shared driveway with 3 other families. The driveway is a single lane for both incoming and outgoing traffic, so be prepared to back up, pull over or wait your turn if there is a lot of traffic. You DO NOT need 4x4 to reach the field. We have a gravel drive with only a slight hill to go up. FOLLOW THE FLOWER FARM SIGNS, there are 2 forks in the driveway. We will not post our physical address on the website, we do not want people coming during the “non-designated picking hours”.

  • Our Flower Farm is on POVERTY BRANCH ROAD, BARNARDSVILLE NC. For your GPS type in: Barnardsville Post Office 1664, Barnardsville Hwy, Barnardsville NC. Follow the signs- “YOU-PICK FLOWER FARM”. There will be one in front of the post office where Poverty Branch turns to the left and another one 1/2 mile down Poverty Branch where you turn onto our driveway.

  • You can also type in your GPS - NAVITAT CANOPY ADVENTURES 242 POVERTY BRANCH ROAD, BARNARDSVILLE NC. Our Farm is BEFORE you get to Navitat. Again, look for the signs.

When you reach the flower farm park in the designated area. There will a table set up with the buckets and pruners. Someone will greet you and show you how to get started.



June - Larkspur, bachelor buttons, snapdragons, ammi, nigella, yarrow, rudbeckia,chocolate lace flower, agrostemma, strawflower, scabiosa. Late June - Cosmos, zinnias, sunflowers.

July, August, Sept, October - zinnias, cosmos, rudbeckia, sunflowers, choc lace flower, yarrow, ammi, snapdragons, strawflower, scabosia, dahlias, ageratum, gompherna, marigolds, celosia.

This will be our first season of opening the flower farm for You-Pick so please bare with us if things get crazy! We want this experience to be fun, relaxed and a time to enjoy being outside in nature.

*Thank you to Sara Turner Photography for our family farm photos!